Wyoming’s Most Extraordinary Backcountry Pack Trips

Yellowstone, Teton, and Bridger-Teton Wilderness Pack Trips

2 to 6 Day Pack Trips

We offer pack trip into the headwaters of the Yellowstone in the Teton wilderness, and in the headwaters of the Wyoming range in the Bridger-Teton National Forest.

All pack trips are progressive travel, meaning we pack our camp with us and camp at 1 or multiple locations depending on the length and duration of the trip. These trips are the best way to truly see what Wyoming has to offer. You will ride and see some of the true hidden wonders that are not advertised for the tourists to see. You won’t find the crowds of people here. It is some of the most remote country in the lower 48. You will travel a horseback deep into the mountains of the teton wilderness, carrying your camp on the back of horses and mules. Trips are customized to fit the desires and needs of our guests, to ensure it to be the best trip of their lives.

Trips can be booked for a 2 to 6 day trip, and up to 10 guests. All meals are provided, (breakfast, lunch, dinner), meals are prepared and cooked over a fire, and in cast iron dutch ovens.

Fishing Pack Trips

Our fishing pack trips are world class.

Fly Fish the remote head waters of the yellowstone when the world class size cutthroats  are spawning. Or fish the buffalo fork for cutthroats, rainbows, browns and brook trout. Or pack back into some high country lakes and fish and relax at some of the most beautiful lakes Wyoming has to offer.

All trips are customized to the needs and wants of our guests. All meals are provided. And cooked over a campfire and cast iron dutch ovens.


Book a 3 to 6 day trip. Additional days may be added at the time of booking.

Pack trips $495.00/day/person
Fishing trips $595.00/day/person


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